Don’t just post on Facebook and hope for the best!

“I just post on Facebook and hope for the best!”

I’ve been speaking to a lot of PT’s recently about social media content and I’ve been sad to hear the above sentence far too many times within the last few weeks.☹️

Yes, social media is the most powerful marketing tool available these days…

… But, without a structured marketing strategy in place to generate traffic to you and what you do…

… Then, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got from your social media posts.🤷🏻‍♂️





You get the point!😂

So, when posting content on social media…

… Here’s a few things to consider:

– Does your content APPEAL to your target market?
– Are you CONSISTENTLY delivering value to your target market?
– Do you have a content strategy in place to add value to your target market everyday?
– Do you have a strategy to get your target market in your gym/facility with you?
– Do you have an offer your target market CAN’T REFUSE?

Once you’ve nailed the above?💡

You’ll no longer be ‘hoping for the best’ anymore!😏


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