“It’s not my fault, I have a resting bitch face”

“It’s not my fault, I have a resting bitch face”😐

One thing a personal trainer cannot afford to do, is come across unapproachable to gym members.

People make a judgement of you from the first time they see you…

… It’s extremely important for your business to make sure that this judgement is NOT a bad one!

Having a ‘resting bitch face’ is not an excuse to avoid smiling and welcoming a member into the gym…😁

… As the saying goes, manners cost you nothing!

And, in this case…

Bad manners could cost you a lot of money!😱

Think about it for a second…

…If the first time you cross paths with someone, you are unwilling to smile and say a simple ‘Hi’

Is it more likely that, that particular person is thinking…

“Oh, that PT seemed nice”


“Well that PT seemed arrogant”

I know, it’s not possible for either of the above to be a fair judgement of you when that person knows nothing about you yet.

But that’s the world we live in…

… AND, it’s obvious which of the judgements would benefit your business the most!💡

SOOO… As of right now, TODAY?

Make sure to be the most approachable Personal Trainer in the gym…

– Smile and acknowledge EVERYONE that comes within 5 metres of you.
– Say hello to EVERYONE that comes within 3 metres of you.
– Look to strike up a conversation with EVERYONE that comes within 1 metre of you.

This level of customer service/member interaction will be worth the reward.

Trust me!😊


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