I prefer to have 1-1 clients only” – I used to say the same thing myself!

“I prefer to have 1-1 clients only.”

I used to say the same thing myself!

Luckily, I later worked out that this was just my ‘comfort zone’ telling me this.👊🏻

I used to tell myself things such as:
– I’m not very good in group situations.
– I prefer 1-1 because I can get to know my client more.
– 1-1 is more beneficial for the client than groups.
– Groups are unsustainable anyway.

Yep, that’s my ‘comfort zone’ for you.

AKA – my excuses!🤫

Having 1-1 clients is amazing and I love every one of mine, some of which have became my friends for life!😍

Of course, the benefits to 1-1 personal training are incredible…

… But, there are only so many hours in a day.⏱

As a PT, the main goal is to help as many people as you possible can!

And that’s where limiting yourself to only having 1-1 clients, also limits the positive impact you can make in the industry!💪🏻


… That’s where group training comes in!😏

Group training can be just as beneficial as 1-1 PT, when structured properly.🤓

AND, comes with a benefit that 1-1 can’t provide…

… Training with a group of like-minded people working towards a similar outcome and motivating each other along the way!👌🏻

Please don’t be ignorant to the option of a group training business model or make excuses so that, you don’t have to go into the unknown…

… I was the same!

And I can now confidently say that group training is the best business decision I’ve ever made.🔥


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