Are you ready to DOUBLE your Personal Training income and create more free time?

Join the hundreds of Personal Trainers TAKING ACTION and changing their lives by dramatically growing their business with my simple to follow but extremely effective step by step 12 week coaching programme.

What is a PT Business Coach?!​

As a PT Business Coach, my mission is to ensure that no other PT has to go through the same problems that I did and feel over-worked or under-paid or sick of trying everything to get more clients but nothing working aor fed up of an inconsistant income to the point where looking for another job is the only option left OR all of the above in my case.

As your PT Business coach, I can’t stress enough the amount I care about helping you create the PT business that you desire and deserve. I will be there every step of the way to hold you accountable for your daily/weekly actions, I will provide you with the expertise needed to crush it on social media without paying for Facebook ads, I will bring out the confidence in you neccasary to up your prices, I will teach you how to use the right tools to be productive in your business every single day, I will teach you not only how to gain an overwhelming amount of clients but also how to retain them and create an engaging community that they love being a part of, I will take a look at your current business model and help you fully map out and improve all areas where necessary to see instant improvements AND I will show you the exact strategy I used to launch my group training business that tripled my income alone so that you can do the same… I could go on and on with the huge amount of value involved in hiring a PT Business Coach 🙂

Simply, you should only hire a PT Business Coach if you want to take your PT business to the next level and finally gain the income you desire and gain more of whats even more important than money… TIME!

The Fully Booked PT business & Ultimate Group Training Launch Coaching Programme!

  • Are you UNDER-PAID for the amount of hours your spending in the gym every day?
  • Do you feel OVER-WORKED?
  • Do you want MORE clients?
  • Do you feel like you've TRIED EVERYTHING to get more clients?
  • Do you want to work LESS HOURS but earn MORE MONEY?
  • Do you feel like your being proactive but NOT seeing the benefits of your efforts?
  • Are you sick of working UNSOCIABLE HOURS and wish you had MORE FREE TIME to spend with your friends and family?
  • Are you FED UP of having an INCONSISTANT INCOME every month?
  • If business does not pick up soon will you need to LOOK FOR ANOTHER JOB?

If any of the above relate to your situation right now, then why not get support from someone who has experienced EXACTLY what you are feeling right now and can get your business to where you want it to be… Within 12 weeks?!

Who am I?

I am a PT business coach that had to learn the hard way as a Personal Trainer. It was around 7 years ago, that I secured my dream role in a big commercial gym as a self empolyed Personal Trainer and I couldn’t wait to start making a positive impact on hundreds/thousands of lives.

I tried everything to create a successful Personal Traning business as fast as I could. I walked the gym floor every hour of every day, I did high amounts of gym surveys/questionnaires daily to try to get potential clients booked in for a consultation, I offered out a free PT session to everyone I spoke to, I helped and corrected members’ technique at every opportunity, I did gym induction after gym induction to chat to new members, I greeted people with a smile at the entrance every day, I made sure my ‘PT profile’ in the gym looked and was written to perfection, I even trained with my ‘personal trainer’ t-shirt on so that EVERYONE knew of my status as a PT in the building… NOTHING WORKED… Or should I say, all of my efforts got me nowhere near the ‘successful’ PT business that I desired!

… Until KNUCKING DOWN and WORKING SMARTER was the only option I
had left if I was to pursue my dream. Within 12 weeks I TRIPLED my income using
the strategies I put together from what I learned from countless fitness, nutrition,
business, finance, sales, marketing and social media material.

AND NOW… My mission is to help YOU do the same!


Because, I don’t ever want another Personal Trainer to be in a position like I was
AND the way I see it is… 

If EVERY PT has a fully booked diary but is also much HAPPIER because they are making more money and have enough free time to spend with their loved ones THEN the more positive impact will be made to peoples lives and this world, due to the fact that more people will be making positive changes with a PT and YOU as a PT, will continue to do a great job because you are happy also… SIMPLE 🙂

What the Fully Booked PT business & Ultimate Group Training Launch Coaching Programme looks like...

  • Mapping out your business and social media strategy
  • Improving your entire business model and upgrading the fundamentals
  • Finding yourself and your why
  • Daily task management
  • Structuring your prices and offers
  • How to maximise on opportunities in the gym
  • Increasing your social media presence to maximal effect
  • Using my PT Growth Hub app to maximise productivity
  • How to use competitions and incentives
  • How to transition your 1-1 PT business into a more lucrative group training model
  • Financial and organisation implemtations
  • Important client retention techniques to provide a secure monthly income
  • Diary management
  • Delivering value to your audience and content structuring
  • Launching your new small group training business
  • Opening your reach to a global clientele
  • How to offer the perfect referral scheme to your clients
  • How to take yourself out of the gym and into online training
  • Creating your perfect work/life balance
  • Hiring to create even more free time
  • Upskilling

What you also get:

  • 45 minute initial CONGRATULATORY phone call and briefing
  • 2 hour FULL business map out and stratey session
  • Weekly 1 hour 1-1 COACHING SESSION for 12 weeks
  • Social media mastery guide (COMPLETELY ORGANIC!)
  • DAILY CHECK-INS when necassary via message/email
  • Access to my online community SUPPORT NETWORK

Why should you get support from someone who has been there?

Well, I’m sure we can agree that it would be pretty stupid to hire someone to support you that hasn’t actually been in your position before and therefore hasn’t had to overcome the problems you are currently facing because afterall, how can someone aquire the knowledge necessary to fix your problems if they have not been through what you’ve been through and fixed the same problems for themselves?!

HOWEVER… luckily for you, I HAVE experienced EXACTLY what you’re going through and I have most definitely overcome the problems that you are currently facing and can tell you from experience that it IS possible to own the PT business of your dreams with the right STRATEGY and that when you do, there is no better feeling than knowing you have OVERCOME all of the obsticles and barriers that

have been in your way to owning a successful and purposeful business!

I know first hand of the struggles that you are encountering and my invaluable real-life experience guarantees that I can get you results!

What are the benefits of the Ultimate Group Training Launch programme?!

There are many but I’m going to give you the main 2 because you won’t need to read
anymore after hearing these 2…

…When I launched this programme within my own business it TRIPLED my income
within 12 weeks and because of that, it more importantly allowed me to FREE UP so
much more SPARE TIME to spend with my loved ones and to do things that I
WANT to do!

I told you, you wouldn’t need to hear anymore 🙂

Worried about the investment???

OK, so I suppose now is a good time to look at what price you would pay to achieve your goals, aquire the PT business of your dreams and have the knowledge to grow that business month by month, actually have more spare time to create more unforgettable memories with your friends and loved ones and FINALLY be satisfied
with your success and yourself!?

Also, my coaching programme is very AFFORDABLE and various monthly price plans are available to suit ALL BUDGETS!!!

…AND if that’s still not a good enough reason to go ahead with this LIFE CHANGING investment then how about a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?!?!?!

YES THAT’S RIGHT, up to 30 days into our coaching relationship, if you decide you don’t want to continue working together for whatever reason, I will immediately refund you the entire amount you have invested… To date, this has NEVER happened but I offer this gurantee anyway because I am that CONFIDENT in my ability to help you gain your perfect PT business and I do not want any barriers to stop you in your path to gaining this amazing opportunity… BUT if the time ever comes where I am not able to help you then it’s only fair that you get every penny of your money back! 🙂

What My clients are saying

Don't just take my word for it...

If you’re ready to get support, create more free time AND double your personal training income…

… I am currently re-opening the doors to a few clients to work with closely over the next 12 weeks. I am currently offering a complimentary strategy session, where we will sit down one to one and map out your entire marketing strategy and look at where the gaps are and what areas you can improve on to get instant results in your PT business!

Take advantage of this 1 hour complimentary strategy session to find out if we’re a good fit, it could be the most life changing 60 minutes of your life…

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