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How to Create More Free Time & Double Your Personal Training Income!

What’s included in this eBook:

  • Use your monthly overview/ calendar EVERY DAY!
  • Sign up to Facebook
  • Season your new Facebook profile/page (make it professional but DON’T be a fitness robot)
  • Create an irresistible ‘one-time introductory offer’ that YOU would buy if you saw it on Facebook!
  • Create scarcity! ‘WOW, spaces are nearly gone already
  • Create an exclusive ‘members only’ group
  • Use FREE competitions to fill your diary!
  • Post pictures to show your amazing community in action together
  • Post positive testimonials/ transformations
  • Get support and never get bored of bettering yourself

What My clients are saying

Give me my copy!

My name is Gary Shaw and, like most, I’ve had to learn the hard way. I won’t go on about myself too much because this ebook really is all about helping YOU gain the PT business you want and deserve, rather than talk about my life story. But I will tell you a little bit quickly, because it’s important for you to know that I know what it’s like to be where you are now.

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