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I have known Gary as both a personal trainer and PT business coach, within both I have always looked up to him for being a success.

He has always helped me look at different angles of my business that I wouldn't necessarily look at or would avoid looking at myself, such as diary management and reassuring me that it is ok to take time out for myself rather than working around my clients schedules all the time.

Most recently Gary has helped me focus on social media and showed me the best ways the utilise the platforms in order to take my business to the next level!

I don't just see Gary as a business coach but also a really good friend.
Gemma Huskinson
I don’t know where to begin with how much Gary has helped me, not only with my career but also by improving my day to day life with a better mindset and perspective. I can always count on Gary to go above and beyond to help me grow my PT business and to improve my understanding of the fitness industry in general as it develops.

Gary is constantly pushing me and guiding me in the right direction to better myself as a person and as a PT for my clients and is 100% the most supportive person I have worked with. In our one to one meetings/calls and sometimes daily conversations, Gary always listens to my ideas to refine them where necessary and also to my concerns to remove negative thoughts when needed and keep me focused, he continues to share his knowledge to help better my own.
Adriann Strickland
I luckily met Gary on my first day of starting my new career as a self employed Personal Trainer and immediately Gary did everything he could to push me into building a career! Without his help, support, motivation and encouragement to get out of that comfort zone I was stuck in, my career wouldn’t of took off as quickly as it has done. I always approached Gary with every thought, idea or new way of expanding my business to get his opinions. He would always refine them to the very last detail then push me to go ahead with them but at the same time would give me advice and knowledge on how to be as professional as possible about everything I do. My biggest worry and struggle becoming self employed was my time management. As i’m ex military I spent my days been given orders of timings and places to attend, my day was planned for me from waking up to going to bed. But with Garys help I have made massive progression on my time management skills. I have a 1-1 meeting/call every week with Gary about my business and concerns, without them I strongly believe I wouldn’t have the successful business I do today. Gary takes great pride, responsibility and time to be my trusted PT business coach he is quick to reply and go out of his way to answer any questions I have and to support me, he also always delivers and very productive team meeting. If there is anyway I could describe Gary as a friend or as a colleague it would be a saying we had in the Marines. He certainly has the commando values and spirit of The Royal Marine Commandos; excellence - strive to do better, integrity - tell the truth, self discipline - resist the easy option, humility - respect the rights, diversity and contribution of others, courage - get out front and do what is right, determination - never give up, unselfishness - oppo first team second self last, cheerfulness - make humour the heart of morale.

Thanks for everything Gary!
Calum Donnelly
I have known Gary for 5 years now and I not only class him as a knowledgable colleague but also as a great friend. Within his role as my PT business coach he has helped and guided me in my business in a variety of ways. He has advised me particularly the importance of managing my diary in terms of creating more free time and to structure my week to working hours that best suit me rather than overloading my weeks and causing a poor work/life balance, which had been a concern for me before I met Gary and lead to me feeling fatigued and not enjoying my job! However he was able to direct me with a clear vision on how to create my business/working hours when booking clients in and how to structure my diary to avoid any feeling of being 'burnt out' too.

As well as weekly one-to-one meeting/call he has been a constant source of support when I have needed advice. Particularly in how i can organise my future plans in what I want to achieve with his amazing tactics in goal-setting, for example managing my money better and putting money aside towards a mortgage or investments for other sources of income for the future.

He is a very approachable and motivated person and I have always felt I have benefited from every one to one meeting/can I have had with Gary and felt more motivated and given fresh ideas to assist in building my business to where it is now and he has been a big part of me being able to have a successful business over the 5 years I have been a self employed Personal trainer.
Dean Crangle
I’ve been coaching one to one clients for over four years now. I’d built my business from having a constant presence on the gym floor and spending long hours in the gym but due to unforeseen events outside of my work life, my circumstances changed and a constant gym presence was no longer an option for me. Obviously this began to negatively effect my business.

I first approached Gary as it was hard to ignore his success with one to one clients and group training. We spoke several times and examined my business model. Gary noticed that although I was active on social media, I was in no way utilising it to it’s full potential, after only a few discussions/meetings with Gary I decided to implement his suggestions immediately. The amount of enquiries I received increased dramatically which lead to an immediate growth of my business, however Gary had also given me the tools to maintain this level of success and continue to grow!

I couldn’t recommend him more to those who are looking to take their business to the next level.
Jake Malham
It is not possible to overstate the impact Gary has had on my first 6 months in the fitness industry in his role as my PT business coach. Via a combination of PT team meetings, one-to-one development and strategy meetings/calls and a general desire to help during normal conversations, Gary’s experience and understanding of what is required to succeed has had a profound effect on my own productivity and understanding. He is unselfish with his time and his broad knowledge, and I consider myself lucky to have been a beneficiary of his kind nature.

How I now focus my time and attention to get the most out of myself and my business is largely down to Gary’s guidance. He has a way of clearing away all of the distracting ‘white noise’ surrounding your business, and instead offers a razor sharp goal-oriented approach to getting key things done to improve your business. Gary takes the quality and professionalism of his work extremely seriously, whilst remaining very calm, approachable and empathetic. He has become a colleague, mentor and friend, the likes of which I could not have hoped to have been fortunate enough to meet.

Thank you Gary - and long may it continue!
Jonothan Christie
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